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Medical and social outreach to the habitants of Garoua and its environs.


In view of the upcoming CCI Garoua this June 2018, NWA is organising a massive medical and social outreach to the inhabitants of Garoua and its environs. This outreach envisages to share the love of Christ through free consultations of approximately 5000 people with distribution of essential drugs. The consultations will involve screening for chronic medical illnesses, medical counselling, and nutritional counselling. The outreach will also entail distributing basic necessities like clothes, shoes and food.


Our project is a development project aimed at providing social and healthcare services to approximately 5,000 disadvantaged people living in the Garoua area.

According to the demographic assessment of Cameroon in 2014, the North, Far North and Adamaoua alone represent 30% of the population of Cameroon with 60% of poverty rate due to natural disasters (flooding by heavy rains) responsible for the destruction of food crops, with the main consequence of malnutrition besides malnutrition, we could cite illiteracy as another cause of underdevelopment and the menace of BOKO Haram.

Malnutrition exposes the inhabitants of the zone to diseases thus weakening the life of the people living in total precariousness, with limited access to hospitals. Not to mention the new measles epidemic currently raging in the NORTHERN lakes region. This region is made up of two main districts Sanguere and Pitoa each district made up of several small villages.


It is this context of extreme poverty that motivated us to look into the case of Garoua this year to accomplish our philanthropic mission in this part of Cameroon.

Our short term objectives are therefore to:

Provide medical assistance to disadvantaged populations through educational talks, training sessions on food preparation techniques to decrease malnutrition in children; by rapid tests of common pathologies such as malaria, screening for metabolic diseases such as diabetes (control of blood sugar) and blood pressure control and free medical consultations with donations of essential drugs.

Provide social assistance: donations of clothing, shoes, and basic necessities like milk, soap, oil, rice, salt, sugar.

Refer serious cases to nearby hospitals and health centers for further management.

The project will take place in the city of Garoua and its surroundings.

Our medium term objective is to increase wells and sources of portable water. In the long term we envisage to build schools and hospitals in the area to improve standards of living in this area.

Beneficiaries will be men, women and children from disadvantaged or poor social strata.


We will work in collaboration with the departmental delegation of social service of Garoua, the district heads of Health, the heads of districts and village chiefs for the sensitization and the mobilization of the social layers concerned.


The project's actors are NWA and its volunteer doctors, paramedical staff, laboratory technicians, nutritionists, members of the association and some accredited laboratories and pharmaceutical firms.


The total cost of the project will amount to ten million Fcfa (10,000,000 Fcfa)


The project will run for a two week period in June 2018.

List of items needed for the outreach

Corner 2

Food and basic necessities

  • 50 packs of clothing for all age groups
  • 50 packs of shoes for all age groups
  • 20 cartons of cooking oil
  • 20 cartons of sugar
  • 20 cartons of milk
  • 20 cartons of sanitary towels
  • 20 bags of rice (10kg)
  • 20 cartons of soap
  • 20 bags of salt
  • 20 cartons of exercise books, pens and pencils.

Drugs and medical equipment:

  • Aluminum hydroxide tablets
  • Omeprazole 20mg tablets
  • Amlodipine 5 mg tablets
  • Dexamethasone 4 mg tablets
  • Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) sachets
  • Anti-Inflammatory Non-Steroidal (NSAID) tablets, creams, ointments
  • Paracetamol 500 mg tablets / Syrup
  • Amoxicillin 500mg tablets / Syrup
  • Anti-infection eye drops
  • Metronidazole 250 mg tablets / Syrup
  • Antifungal cream or ointment
  • Nystatin 500mg tablets / Ovules
  • Quinine 300mg tablet / Syrup
  • Albendazole 400mg or Mebendazole 100mg tablets
  • Multivitamin Syrup / Vitamins A and C
  • Calcium 500 mg tablets
  • Folic acid iron (Fefol) tablets
  • Alcohol, Cotton, Plaster, Yellow Betadine, compress.
  • Weighing scales for adults and children
  • Glucometer and stripes
  • Others: Gloves, Otoscopes, Tongue depressors, stadiometer.