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Your Gift Averts Calamity in Someone Else’s Life

Partnership is a divine relationship with the one sent to minister the Gospel. It is a sacred trust; a God-ordained relationship between a sent one and those who acknowledge that he is sent. Partnership refers to the frontline of believers in the mandate of a sent one.

This relationship transcends simply contributing a certain amount of money. It is the Holy Spirit bringing us in communion with the initiatives of God and the responses of the God-Man Jesus Christ at the dimension of God. God is the One who brings us into communion with Himself that we may be able to participate, to respond to the things of God by the Holy Spirit who brings us into synergistic grace; that is, grace that endows us to become co-labourers (co-creators) with God.


Who is a Partner?

A partner is one who is fully persuaded of the mandate that has been divinely commissioned to a sent one, and who volunteers to be on the frontline of everything that has to be strategically implemented for the fulfilment of the mandate. They are those who stand on the forefront, who have understood the mind of Christ as revealed to the sent one, and who, by virtue of divine election in Christ, determine to associate with the revelation.

A partner is one who knows what is taught and preached by the sent one and by conviction of the truth of what is contained in the message, they have been apprehended by the Holy Spirit and know that they are called to partake in the mandate conferred to thesent one.